string quartet with harp and piano

The harp’s glissandi and delicate arpeggios, paired with the piano’s sonorous legato and dynamic range, create an ambience of refined sophistication. This fusion of timbres – the clear, resonant lines of the string instruments, the celestial quality of the harp, and the piano’s broad spectrum of expression – provides an auditory feast that is both engaging and soothing.

It’s not merely background music; it’s a thoughtfully curated soundscape that enhances the emotive quality of your ceremony and adds a layer of cultured elegance to the cocktail hour. This musical arrangement doesn’t just entertain; it elevates the entire wedding experience, resonating with the grandeur and sentiment of your special day.

Violin/piano/guitar sound

We all know and love the sounds of piano chords from Bohemian Rhapsody, guitar arpeggios from Stairway to Heaven or violin lines from Canon in D. Between these three instruments nothing is left to imagination as they can cover the entire spectrum of harmonies and registers. It is undoubtedly a perfect combination of instruments for modern music. If you want an elegant spin on your favorite tunes for the special moments of your ceremony and a nice change of pace for your guests during the cocktails, this ensemble is one of your top picks. Listen to our arrangement of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect..

Cello Solo sound

The cello possesses a wide variety of differing tone colors and means of expression, ranging from the calm and solemn in the lower register to bursts of passion in the uppermost register. Its underlying character has often been compared with the male voice. The transition between registers is smooth, although it cannot be denied that the individual strings have their own character, as they do on the violin and viola too. Here is the video of Andrew laying down the arpeggiated chords from the famous Bach Cello Suite No. 1

Guitar Solo sound

Guitar Solo is a perfect option perfect for the most intimate vibe during your ceremony.
The sound of the guitar is gentle and beautiful with the interplay of patterns
and registers. To make sure that none of the notes are left unheard we always amplify
the guitar for the outdoor ceremonies and bigger venues. Here is an example of Air by Bach played by wonderful Alex Heffron.

Violin/Cello sound

Violin and cello blend has a special place in our hearts. The couples we play for always love it.  Check out videos of Kari and me playing “Song from a Secret Garden” and “ Can’t help falling in love” where the melody on the violin is supported by velvet cello voice. We hope you like them 🙂

String Quartet sound

String quartet is a blend of strings characterized by a beautifully rich luscious tone. The interplay between different registers creates sublime and complex texture. We love to give familiar songs a graceful spin with the sonority and expression of the string quartet. Bellow are a couple of videos of the tunes we all love to play: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, Andrea Bocelli Con te Partiro, and famous Cannon in D.

Guitar/violin sound

The sound of violin and guitar has an exquisite character with beautiful fingerpicking patterns on the guitar accompanying the delicate melody on the violin.Yesterday I got together with my friend and an excellent guitarist Alex and put in front of him the chart of Adele’s “Make You Feel my Love.” We needed to record a demo for a couple that is getting married in Arapahoe Basin. They requested that we record this particular song. I recommended violin/cello or violin/guitar combinations and they chose the latter. Alex and I had fun reading and recording this chart. The couple liked the guitar/violin sound so much that they ended up booking the music for both their wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. Also, have a listen of our arrangement of an all-time classic hit “Moon River” which we will be playing for a different wedding in Estes Park. 

Winter wedding ceremony

There was an unusual wedding ceremony, that took place at the Boulder Gross reservoir, which sits at 7,225ft of elevation and spreads over 440 acres that include the reservoir, the dam and the land. We needed to hike to get to the ceremony site, and played in the freezing cold for the bride and groom. There was no wedding party and if there had been, there wouldn’t have been room for them. There was barely a place to set up our music stands. Our amazing cellist Kari ended up sitting on the rocks while playing One Hand One Heart for the couple. Despite the freezing temperature the bride and groom didn’t worry about a thing and couldn’t take their eyes off each other. At that point all that mattered was their love.