Live Music for your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ensembles

DJ Live Fusion – instrumental ensemble with DJ

Papillon – violin cello piano guitar quartet

Strings of Soul – string quartet

Suave jazz combo

Arpeggio – string trio and guitar

Harmony – string trio and keyboard

Souvenir – violin piano cello trio

Déjà vu – piano and cello

Fantasia – violin piano guitar trio

Velvetone – violin guitar cello trio

Triton – string trio

Romance – Harp and Strings trio

Harp solo

Troubadours – violin and guitar

Cannone – violin and cello

Passione – violin and piano

Vocalise – voice and piano

Pianoforte – solo piano

Wedding galore – original music score for your wedding ceremony

Our composers will write original score played throughout your entire ceremony reflecting the emotions and meaning of what is happening and what is being said in your vows. We compose music meant to enhance and accentuate the most precious memory in your life, your wedding ceremony.

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